You loved them, we made them again to celebrate Musier Paris ‘ 3rd anniversary ! The 3 most iconic styles created by Anne-Laure Mais and wore by our muses from Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris or Bordeaux; each of them has the special detail that made you addict to the brand: pearl button, organdi sleeve, lace: simplicity, feminity with a touch of sensuality make these 3 styles a summary of Musier Paris.

Artistic Director

How did you get the idea of Musier ?
J'ai commencé par collaborer avec des marques sur des collections capsules et ça a été un peu l'élément déclencheur. Mais j'avais toujours secrètement rêvé de lancer la mienne. Ensuite, il a fallu un peu de chance et les bonnes rencontres pour que tout se concrétise.

What inspires you to create your collections ?
Inspiration is everywhere, a diner with friends, watching people in the street, archives, social networks, sometimes a decorative object I see, it comes everywhere, it is like an instinct !

Who is your ultimate muse ?
I have no real ultimate one. I love new actresses, but also iconic 90’s top models, who are very inspirational for me.

If you could only keep one Musier piece ? Which one would it be ?
Certainly our CLARA blue cardigan, as it was our 1st hot seller. Since then, it has been copied all around the world, but I am still very proud of it, as in fact it came to my mind, while I had shells in my hands on the beach, and I dreamt of these shell round pearls.

What would be your advise to those who wish to create their label ?
De ne rien lâcher et de bien s'entourer, la persévérance finit toujours par payer.

What is Musier future ? Do you have in mind new products you would like to develop beside actual range ?
I wish future of Musier will be big. For sure, next Summer will bring some new surprises to my muses…

You are my muse, Musier is our story