Barbie vs Openheimer

Barbie or Oppenheimer ? Outfits for both!

Wearing anything other than pink while attending Barbie would almost feel like not fully committing to the vibe of the movie. What you should be doing is capturing the overall essence of the outfit: it should be expressive and go beyond the usual attire you'd wear to the movies. Let your wardrobe reflect the playful and whimsical spirit of Barbie.

We have put together the perfect outfit that will make you feel like you are about to enter the hottest party in town! A GORGEOUS pink set; Our Zafora skirt and Camino top paired with our very own barbie princess Tenerife mules.

I completely understand how Barbie's excitement might have taken center stage in your mind, causing you to overlook Oppenheimer for a while. It's easy to get caught up in the allure of Barbieland, especially with Margot Robbie's captivating press tour wardrobe, Ryan Gosling's singing, and original songs by Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj. With so much buzz surrounding Barbie, it's natural that Oppenheimer might have been momentarily overshadowed. But now that it's on your radar, are you looking forward to experiencing Christopher Nolan's take on the historical figure?

There are plenty of ways to channel the film's aesthetic through your wardrobe. That means incorporating suits and ties with a color palette centered around grays, muted browns, blacks, and whites. On the obvious end, we paired our LALOU lace top with our Dacun pants and gave you a cute other option; the LAS dress if you’re feeling a little too girly the day you watch it.
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