Our commitment is to be more responsible throughout our production chain.

Every two months, Musier offers sustainable and limited edition collections. So, we only produce what our customers buy, in the sizes they ask for. This allows us more control on our production, our purchases of raw materials, and especially to avoid the destruction of unsold items due to overproduction.

For our plain fabrics, we prefer already produced materials ("dead stocks") from the largest European weavers and fashion houses. The prints are designed by our design studio and manufactured in France, with Oeko-Tex dyeing processes.

Our production is not 100% French yet, because some of the know-how related to our products no longer exists in France. However, we privilege French manufacturing for 85 to 90% of our collections, wishing to minimize the carbon footprint linked to imports.

We were eager to make you discover the quality of the French manufacture. Behind the models you receive, behind this quality made in France, hides the know-how of our craftsmen.

It is in his workshop in Paris that we find our workshop manager, Bulent, masterfully planning the production of our next spring collection.

After starting in 1995 as a finisher and ironer, Bulent created his own workshop with one goal in mind: to work for the biggest ready-to-wear houses and live off his passion. This way, 5 years ago, surrounded by a team of pattern makers and mechanics, he accompanied Musier in its first hours.

From this meeting was born the first collection of the brand, then a new one every two months, strengthening a little more every day the links between the brand and its craftsmen. And it is with pride that every two months, the entire workshop renews the magic of a new collection of 20 to 25 models 100% made in France.

"Doing this work is a bit like being an orchestra conductor. It is above all organization, knowledge and rigor."

Distributing the work, from cutting, to the mechanic, to the ironer, to the finisher, to delivering the most perfect garment possible to our customers : this is the passion that drives the workshop every day. It is now surrounded by more than 15 mechanics, that Bulent continues to lead his workshop with dexterity and of course, a lot of love.

"It is a great pride to be able to see my creations worn by personalities all over the world. This is a great recognition for all the work of my team, which has faithfully accompanied me for all these years."

Workshop manager is a job but above all, the story of a life : After 39 years in the business, Bulent went from being a passionate young adult to the head of his own workshop, but he is also a loving husband and father of 3 children, for whom the work of each day is a passion that he shares with his teams.

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