cardigan louis


top drew


top lena


beaded shirt rys

€120,00 €160,00

long coat vanilla

€275,00 €360,00

sweater bia

€75,00 €140,00

split sweater triple

€115,00 €175,00

sweater nicely

€70,00 €140,00

sweater adorable

€110,00 €190,00

perfect jumper imen

€110,00 €165,00

suede jacket bonny

€390,00 €590,00

long coat timeless

€310,00 €390,00

suede skirt kind

€195,00 €290,00

cotton shirt love

€95,00 €125,00

belt safe


pants Mama

€125,00 €160,00

sweater divine

€125,00 €190,00

cricket sweater

€125,00 €190,00

perfect jumper cherry

€110,00 €165,00

gathered top host

€89,00 €115,00

long dress Senora

€155,00 €220,00

two-material tote bag

€350,00 €590,00

mini dress chasa

€145,00 €225,00

mini skirt bo

€90,00 €145,00

gathered top ninetiesos

€65,00 €79,00

Backless dress Emnaos

€149,00 €245,00

This season, Musier embraces its duality by offering a wardrobe that is both comforting and bold to combat the cold of deep winter and the excitement of the year-end festivities. This new drop consists of ultra-soft knits with captivating details, ultra-long wool and cashmere coats, and backless dresses that have become the brand's signature!The long dresses shimmer or stand out with jewel details, in fluid and comfortable fabrics designed to complement every body shape. Thanks to its workshops located in France, Musier introduces a new shirt where each bead is hand-embroidered, a craftsmanship that allows only seven pieces to be made per day. This, along with other equally delicate models, will be made to order.Primarily available for pre-order and made from "dead stock," the pieces will be produced based on demand in close collaboration with our workshops to minimize our environmental impact and bypass the system of over-production and over-consumption.

Discover the essentials of the Spring collection and enter the Mafia Muse: tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets or accessories.