Founded in 2018 by Anne-Laure Mais, Musier Paris is a French brand with a timeless, feminine aesthetic. The Musier wardrobe is made up of iconic and recognizable pieces designed for the everyday life of active women.
Its founder and creative director wants each piece to stand out with a unique detail, offering classic silhouettes full of character.
Femininity and comfort are the main characteristics of the Musier wardrobe, "I like to think that every woman feels more confident when she puts on our creations, there's nothing more satisfying than a garment that reveals you!


Taking a more responsible approach throughout the production process is at the heart of our commitment. Our collections are produced in limited edition using sustainable materials and are made to order in close collaboration with our workshops. In this way, we aim to minimize our environmental impact and bypass the system of over-production and over-consumption. Most of the materials we select come from 'dead stock' from European leading weavers and fashion houses. When this is not the case, we favour recycled materials or natural fibers (linen, cotton, viscose). Our production is not yet 100% manufactured in France but each season we are doing our best to find suppliers closer to us, in order to limit our carbon footprint. And our packaging is entirely recyclable. Made to last.

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