Robe musier
Our commitment is to take a more responsible approach throughout our production chain.

Every two months, Musier offers short collections of sustainable and limited edition pieces. Made just-in-time with our workshops according to demand, we want to minimize our environmental impact and bypass this system of over-production and over-consumption. The materials we select are mainly from "dead stock" from the largest European weavers and fashion houses. Fabrics that only ask to be sublimated by fair and modern cuts.

We favor the use of natural fibers (linen, silk, cotton, viscose) or recycled fibers such as the fishing nets used to make our swimsuits.

Our production is not yet 100% French, but each season we strive to find suppliers closer to us, in order to limit our carbon footprint.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable.

Making a point of honor to register more and more in a responsible approach, we are constantly trying to evolve and improve what can be.




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