A few images taken by Anne-Laure in our historic workshop, the one that has accompanied us so faithfully since the brand's launch in 2018.

Each piece of our collections is designed in our offices in Paris, in close collaboration with our workshop located in Ile de France.

This proximity allows us immense reactivity and a reasoned production in order to meet the real needs of our customers without overproducing.

We take the necessary time to make our models by hand. Using mass production tools would save a lot of time, but by using local craftsmen, we can fully manage our production process, surrounded by the best experts for each key step.

Musier Paris
Musier Paris

a team of

Behind every sale, behind every garment, there is a whole team and above all a very precise manufacturing process.

It all starts with our cutter, Wreak, and our seamstress, Chen, who focus on cutting and assembling the prototype that will serve as the production model.

Once assembled, tested and approved by our art director Anne-Laure Mais, the production is ready to be launched.

The fabric, previously selected and chosen by our production team is sent to our workshop. Once received, the rolls of fabric are stacked vertically on the cutting table to achieve a perfect and fast hand cut.

Once each piece is cut, they are collected and given to the seamstress in charge of assembling the final product. She adds the final details such as buttons, zippers, and of course the size and care labels.

Once the assembly is complete, the pieces are given to the ironer to be ironed to smooth out the folds and seams.

Before heading to your mailbox or your favorite department store, it is the quality stage. Leila, our quality manager, is in charge of checking that each piece meets Musier's premium quality standards. Only then can your favorites finally make their way to your dressing room!

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