top saskia


beaded shirt rys

€120,00 €160,00

long coat vanilla

€275,00 €360,00

gathered top hosty

€89,00 €115,00

gathered top host

€89,00 €115,00

jacquard sweater maroon

€125,00 €185,00

long dress Senora

€155,00 €220,00

mini dress chasa

€145,00 €225,00

Short dress office

€145,00 €225,00

long dress Stellaos

€129,00 €169,00

Stella long dress

€129,00 €169,00

Backless dress Emnaos

€149,00 €245,00

backless dress emna

€149,00 €245,00

scarf sciarpa

€75,00 €110,00

Better than words, proof of the love we have for our French workshops by presenting here all our collections made in France. From evening gowns to mini-dresses, from long embroidered skirts to satin tops, from tops to knitwear dresses, from jacket-trouser suits to iconic coats and trench coats, you'll find here all the know-how of our workshop managers, knitters, cutters and seamstresses, without whom Musier wouldn't be what it is.