anne-laure mais

by Anne-Laure Mais

Musier was created in March 2018 by Anne-Laure, who is also the artistic director. Anne-Laure grew up in the South West of France, she was very influenced by the surf culture and the vibrant culture of Spain. Passionate about vintage since her childhood, she draws her inspiration from archives, memories and from all her muses and friends who are part of her daily life.
Anne-Laure likes to play with details to create unique pieces, it is the common theme of our collections and it is the very DNA of Musier. Timeless but highly desirable pieces!
Each season, we offer you a wardrobe both fashionable and timeless, each piece is designed to be worn and re-worn tirelessly without falling out of fashion. In the world of today, it is essential to us not to encourage over-consumption, that's why we offer small collections and quality pieces that will follow you over the years.
Lastly but not least, to take a more responsible approach, we work with local manufacturers and most of our models are made in our Parisian workshops., using natural fibres (silk, cotton, viscose) from the best European weavers. We aim for 100% French production, and each season we add new suppliers closer to us in order to limit our carbon footprint.
"You are my muse, Musier is our story"