Musier Paris Lookbook Cover
Lookbook Musier Summer 2022

Summer collection 2022 Musier

This season Musier takes you to Biarritz to unveil its Summer 2022 collection.

This is where Anne-Laure grew up, in this multi-faceted region whose beauty is no longer to be proven!

For this very personal collection, Anne-Laure Mais went behind the lens to share her vision of Musier, fashion, photography, without intermediary to her muses, friends of the brand.

While Musier's guiding principle is always to reinvent highly desirable timeless pieces, this collection presents for the first time a line of two-piece swimsuits made from recycled fishing nets.

Other new products include two tote bags that have been acclaimed by the brand's community and are already highly anticipated.

Finally, the Musier team would like to pay tribute to its knitter based in the Paris region who has created a two-tone knit with a precise and ultra-stretchy stitch pattern that enhances women's shapes -all shapes-.

On line at and in its Galeries Lafayette corners from May 3, 2022.

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Musier Paris, maillot rouge Lookbook musier paris, Summer 2022
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Musier Paris, Lookbook 2022

Photographer: Anne-Laure Mais

MUA : Alicia Hosdey

Models : Nyouma Tacheboubet Shaanti Senaratne Imen Berouk

Artistic direction : Anne-Laure Mais

Press contact :

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