Lookbook 2022, cover
Lookbook Musier Paris, jupe et top

Summer night in Paris.

Summer night in Paris.
Musier unveils its latest summer collection, the one Anne-Laure dreamed of for the hottest moments of the summer.
Timeless dresses to be both sexy and unforgettable, this is the definition of the Musier spirit.
Fall for a baby yellow dress with gold ring detailing, or draped styles in brown jersey, and new zebra shorts and shirts you'll cherish forever.
Musier collections transcend trends by offering a new collection every two months, matching the mood of the moment.
the mood of the moment, made with love in our workshop.

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Musier Paris. Lookbook 2022

Photographer : Anael-Boulay
MUA : Agathe Mazzini
Models : Sona Marciel
Artistic Direction : Anne-Laure Mais

Press Contact : arnold@cldstylehouse.com

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